Clinical and Experimental Allergy (CEA) special collection – invitation to publish

Clinical and Experimental Allergy (CEA) special collection – invitation to publish

3 June 2022


Clinical and Experimental Allergy (CEA) special collection – invitation to publish


We are very happy to announce that a special collection “Supporting Patient-Centered Care in Allergy and Clinical Immunology” will be launched in the Clinical & Experimental Allergy (the official journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology). The potential collection was discussed and agreed upon with the Editors-in-Chief.

The goal of this Collection is to collate state-of-the-art research focused on outcome research and patient-centred care in allergy and clinical immunology. 

We welcome the submission of State-of-the-Art Reviews, Systematic reviews, Hypothesis, Perspectives, Clinical Trials, and Original Research articles that will narrow the existing knowledge gaps in the field. Systematic reviews are particularly encouraged. We seek submission of articles around, but not limited to, the following sub-topics: 

  1. Cost-effectiveness analysis and outcome data demonstrating the feasibility of clinical facilities, services and/or interventions 
  2. Integrated care pathways and assessment of services delivery effectiveness and patient satisfaction 
  3. Patient access to healthcare and/or disparity in healthcare delivery 
  4. Patient-Centred Care and patient-reported outcome measures 
  5. Research. Demonstrating evidence of the need for a COS and/or identifying a potential list of outcomes 
  6. Development and/or validation of tools for use in research and clinical practice 

We encourage you to take initiative to start a review around one of the suggested topics, or on a matter that you feel is important to address and make use of the COMFA network in place. Please let us know of potential original research and/or systematic reviews which are in line with announced topics, and you consider submitting.

This is a particularly great opportunity for early-career investigators who could get invaluable experience coordinating and executing the projects, as well. 

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