Comfa Outcome Measures for Food Allergy

This project addresses the Societal Challenges in Health by improving our understanding of health and our ability to reliably monitor health outcomes, and demonstrates new options for healthcare delivery. The outcomes will help improve the quality of clinical trials, and the Action will advance the career of young researchers, strengthening Europe’s leading position in pharmaceutical sciences.

About the Project

Food allergy is a major societal challenge in Europe. The disease affects 6%-8% of children under the age of 3 years, and 2-3% of adults and has a quality of life impact similar to other major chronic conditions. Food allergy is a major financial burden, with significant impact on healthcare, education, food and catering industries. New treatments for food allergy are in development. There is however no agreed set of Core Outcomes for evaluating these new treatments. This may prevent the development of effective treatments with marketing approvals from regulatory authorities, for food allergic Europeans.

Core Outcome sets ensure that trial outcomes are relevant to patients, clinicians, healthcare providers and regulators; and they allow trial outcomes to be combined in meta-analysis, so that new findings are capitalized on as soon as possible. The Core Outcome Measures for Food Allergy (COMFA) project is a multidisciplinary network involving all relevant stakeholders aiming to advance food allergy research and innovation by (a) defining the scope and applicability of food allergy Core Outcome sets; (b) developing Core Outcome sets and measurement tools for food allergy; (c) reaching a consensus on terminology and definitions of measurement properties for food allergy Core Outcomes.

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Latest News

"C3 Meeting" time change 
25 October 2022


We would still like to hold a meeting with those of you able to join and discuss the current itteration of the list of outcomes on the 4th of November during C3 meeting as some of us will be joining C3 anyway. The meeting will take place between 18.00 and 19.15 (UK time) on the 4th of November.
The refined long list of outcomes
21 October 2022


We would like to thank everyone who have provided their feedback to the list of outcomes we circulated a week ago! Very grateful for your kind involvement, for finding time to comment. We would like to remind you that if you have not submitted your reimbursement for the Porto meeting please do not forget to claim it via 'e-cost'.

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