COMFA • Core Outcome Measures for Food Allergy • COST Action CA18227

COS protocol

Systematic review of outcomes in IgE-mediated food allergy

Qualitative studies review

Lead – India Capper Daniel Munblit Bob Boyle

Lead – Christian Apfelbacher Karen Matvienko-Sikar Audrey Dunn Galvin Jon Genuneit Bob Boyle

The Long List of Outcomes

The refined list of outcomes with descriptions here. Changes are highlighted in blue.

We would be most grateful if you could kindly let us know of any further changes to the outcomes and descriptions.

We welcome your suggestions with regards to the outcome and descriptions refinement within the next few weeks to reach the final list to be used in the Delphi process.

Please provide us with your feedback regarding the following matters:
(a) Are there any outcomes that should be added to the list?

(b) Do you have any suggestions with regards to the outcome descriptions?
(Please do not forget that descriptions should be outlined in a “plain language” so can be easily understood by people with lived experience of food allergy and their carers)

(c) Are there any outcomes which were added inappropriately to the list?

Just replace the “reviewer” tag at the top of the column with your name and provide your feedback.
We will be looking forward to hear back from you by the end of the next week (28th October 2022) midnight UK time.

We will review the feedback and are aiming to hold an online discussion on the 4th of November during C3 meeting.

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